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Sunrise Medical Quickie Nitrum 

Channel your energy into unstoppable motion with Nitrum! 

Imagine a wheelchair that’s as light as a feather but tough as nails, giving you the freedom to move with zero energy loss. Designed with insights from real wheelchair users, Nitrum offers unparalleled driving performance, innovative features, and endless customization. Whether you're racing down the street or steering through tight spaces, Nitrum adapts to your every move for the perfect fit. 

So, get ready to experience mobility like never before with the all new Nitrum, rigid wheelchair.


Quickie Nitrum’s hand-welded, single-piece frame gives you a stiffer, lighter ride. Tailored perfectly for optimal body positioning and easy propulsion. 

Dimensions                                                                                                                                                   Performance/Weights              
Seat Width:320-500 mm      Maximum User Weight:125 kg
Seat Depth:340-500 mm   Total Weight:7.5 kg
Front seat height:430-570 mm  
Rear seat height:370-500 mmTransportation 
Backrest Height:250-450 mmCrash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19
Back Recline:-17.5° - 10°  


  • Super lightweight (7.5 kg) for easier propulsion
  • Adjustable caster length and height
  • Easy fold and load with one-hand Twist Lock bar
  • Ergonomic grab bars reduce pressure on wrists
  • Custom made to measure
  • Removable battery LEDs for on-the-go use
  • Fixed welded backrest and axle for weight saving and frame stiffness




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Being as light as 7.5 kg , can the Quickie Nitrum accommodate plus sized users?

Ans. Why not? Even though the Tiga Sub4 weighs only 7.5 kilograms, it can still accommodate users up to 125 kilograms. 

That’s because every single part is made taking the unique measurement of the user itself. So, don’t worry if you’re plus sized, the Quickie Nitrum will be your buddy.

Q. Is the Quickie Nitrum suitable for travel?

Ans. Yes, it is! Just use the Twist Lock bar to release, fold, and load the chair into your car. The ergonomic grab bars with rubber grips reduce wrist strain and make lifting easier. Removing the rear wheels opens the underside of the frame for easy car transfers, all without removing side guards or cushions.

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