RGK Tiga Sub4

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RGK Tiga Sub4

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Sunrise Medical RGK Tiga Sub4

A ultra light yet super strong wheelchair range  

Ever heard of a wheelchair that’s so weightless, it almost feels as a part of yourself? Well, the RGK Tiga Sub4 is just what we’re talking about. With less than 4 kg of weight, imagine how effortless in and out transfers and strolling become for you! 

Moreover, less weight equals less energy involved. So, you can roll through in your made to measure Sub4 without the need to be fatigued after heavy usage. 


A promise of effortless movement with rigidity is what the RGK Tiga Sub4 boasts of. Therefore, each component has been carefully examined to maintain an ultralight weight below that of 4 kg. Whereas, other specifications can be noted as follows :

Dimensions Performance/Weights 
Width:Max. 680 mm (SW + 240 mm)Maximum User Weight:110 kg
Seat Width:250 - 440 mmTotal Weight:From 6,2 kg (Dismantled from 3.6 kg)
Seat Depth:250 - 440 mm 
Front seat height:380 - 520 mm
Rear seat height:360 - 500 mm
Seat Angle:Custom-made
Backrest Height:100 - 400 mm
Backrest Angle:Custom-made
Frame Angle:Custom-made
Camber:1° / 2° / 3°
Colours:23 frame colours plus 5 anodiced accent colours




  • Lightest aluminium wheelchair in the world! 
  • Involves minimal energy usage
  • Weight saving upholstery 
  • Fixed center of gravity 
  • Made to measure 
  • Fixed backrests
  • 23+ striking frame colors




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Being the lightest wheelchair, can RGK Tiga Sub4 accommodate plus sized users?

Ans. Absolutely! Even though the Tiga Sub4 weighs less than 4 kg, it can still accommodate users up to 110 kilograms. 

So, even if you are a plus sized user, the Tiga Sub4 will not compromise on it’s rigidity. 

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