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Sunrise Medical Zippie Iris 

The lightest paediatric powerhouse for smooth and controlled rotations 

Tilt with ease using the Foot Release Tilt Actuator, ensuring a sleek, cable-free design.

Enjoy hassle-free manoeuvring with compact push-button hub locks on the back canes.

Get the perfect fit with the Angle Adjustable Stroller Handle, featuring 260° of adjustability for caregivers of all heights.

Furthermore, you get to choose from a range of options to tailor the IRIS to your child's needs, from tilt actuators to backrest adjustments.


The Zippie Iris utilizes patented technology to create an exceptionally lightweight pediatric rotation-in-space wheelchair with a low seat-to-floor height.

Other specifications can be noted as follows :

Dimensions Performance/Weights 
Width:71 cm (depending on configuration)Frame Type:Tilting / Rigid
Length:80 cmFrame Version:n/a
Seat Width:25 - 46 cmTotal Weight:10 kg (w/o removable items)
Seat Depth:25 - 46 cm  
Front seat height:32 - 50 cm  
Rear seat height:32 - 50 cm  
Tilt in Space:-5-50/5º-60º  
Backrest Height:46 - 61 cm  
Backrest Angle:85° - 120°  
Lower leg length:8 - 47 cm  
Additional Growth (Depth):True fit growth  
Additional Growth (Width):True fit growth  
Frame Angle:60°- 80° swing-in/ out & 70°/ 80°/ 90° SA  


  • Lightweight, easy to move
  • Smooth 40° or 55° rotation
  • Seamless adaptation to growing kids
  • Easy to transport
  • Adjustable backrest height
  • Cable - free footplate
  • 20 color options available




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the Zippie Iris wheelchair adjust as my child grows?

Ans. Absolutely! The Zippie Iris wheelchair is designed with the flexibility to accommodate your child's changing needs. You can easily adjust the center-of-gravity/center-of-rotation and depth as needed, and even increase the width with just a few parts. This ensures that the wheelchair can grow with your child, providing optimal support and comfort at every stage of development.

Q. What is the warranty period of the Zippie Iris?

Ans. The Zippie Iris has a limited warranty period of 5 years along with a 1 year warranty on separately fitted parts. 

Q. Is the Zippie Iris wheelchair suitable for overweight users?

Ans. With a weight capacity of over 75 kilograms, it provides reliable support and comfort for individuals with varying body types. So, rest assured, the Zippie Iris is an ideal choice for your child, regardless of their weight.

Q. Is the Zippie Iris wheelchair suitable for travel and transport?

Ans. Absolutely! The Zippie Iris has a lightweight frame of only 10 kilograms. So,whether it's a trip to school, a day out with family, or a vacation adventure, the Zippie Iris ensures easy maneuverability and hassle-free transportation for children and caregivers alike.

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