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Quickie Iris

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Sunrise Medical Quickie Iris 

With a Sleek Design and Superior Tilt 

Quickie Iris features a revolutionary tilting mechanism allowing for a range of -5° to 60°. Unlike other traditional systems, the Iris's rotational design rotates the seat-frame around the user's center-of-gravity, ensuring maximized stability and control. 

Moreover, its compact design along with an extra-low floor setting of just 32cm, makes it an ideal choice for desk access at your workplace. 

Most importantly, it’s cable free thus, easily operable and prevents falls. 

So, relish the sweet spot of maximum weight capacity in the lightest frame only with the Quickie Iris. 


With Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, unmatched positioning options, and caregiver-friendly design, the Quickie Iris is an epitome of comfort and convenience. Lightweight yet durable, it's the perfect choice to match all your lifestyle requirements.

Dimensions Performance/Weights 
Width:SW + 240mm (24cm)Frame Type:60º-70º-80º
Seat Width:360mm - 560mm (36cm - 56cm)Maximum User Weight:113kg/158kg (XL version) - (17.80 stone / 24.90 stone XL version)
Seat Depth:360mm - 560mm (36cm - 56cm)Total Weight:from 17kg
Front seat height:320mm - 500mm (32cm - 50cm)  
Rear seat height:320mm - 500mm (32cm - 50cm)Transportation 
Seat Angle:-5º-60ºCrash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19
Backrest Height:460mm - 540mm - 610mm (46cm - 54cm - 61cm)  
Backrest Angle:80º-120º  
Frame Inset:-  
Colours:17 colours  


  • Lightweight, streamlined design for easy transport
  • Industry’s highest weight capacity of 158 kg 
  • Unbeatable tilt range options between -5º - 60º
  • Centre of gravity adjustment 
  • Hub brakes offer better control 
  • Cable free footplate 
  • Dynamic back for optimal positioning 
  • Low seat to floor height for better desk access
  • 16 striking frame colors for the most stylish look




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Quickie Iris suitable for all body sizes?

Ans. Of course! Quickie Iris boasts of having the industry’s maximum weight capacity of 158 kg in the ultra lightweight wheelchair category. 

So, whether you’re slim or plus sized, Quickie Iris is just the wheelchair for you. 

Q. Is Quickie Iris easy to use at work? 

Ans. Yes, you can easily use your Quickie Iris at an official setting!

Thanks to small castor wheel options along with a seat to floor height as low as 32 cm, the Quickie Iris allows you to comfortably work at your desk. 

Q. What is the warranty on the Quickie Iris?

Ans. The frame has a limited warranty period of 5 years whereas, other optioned and fitted parts only have that of a single year. 

Q. What is the degree of rotation offered by the Quickie Iris?

Ans. With an outstanding tilt range of -5° to 60°, the Quickie Iris promotes manoeuvrability and an overall optimal bodily alignment. 

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