BREEZY Cirrus G5

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BREEZY Cirrus G5

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Sunrise Medical Breezy Cirrus G5 

A wheelchair that offers day-long flexibility and comfort 

The BREEZY Cirrus G5 offers effortless position changes with its full 33º tilt and 35º backrest adjustment, ensuring all-day comfort without tools.

Its sliding seat makes transfers a breeze, easing strain on users. 

Moreover, with angle-adjustable push bars, detachable legrests, and a range of customizable options, it's a tailor-made solution that fits your lifestyle. 

And let's not forget its rock-solid build and enhanced comfort features including flip-up side guards and adjustable foot rests. So, if comfort and accessibility are your priorities, the Cirrus G5 is your #1 choice.


Adjustments made easy for optimal comfort and flexibility with Breezy Cirrus G5

Dimensions Performance/Weights 
Width:Seat width + 220 mm (+ 240 mm with drum brake)Maximum User Weight:135 kg
Length:1150 mmTotal Weight:From 40 kg
Height:1100 mm  
Seat Width:390 - 540 mmTransportation 
Seat Depth:390 - 550 mmCrash Tested?This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19
Seat Height:375 - 550 mm  
Seat Tilt:0° - 33°  
Backrest Height:550 & 650 mm  
Back Recline:0° - 35°  


  • Sliding seat for easy, strain-free transfers
  • Crash-tested trapeze adapter ensures safety
  • Seat shell design enhances blood circulation
  • Armrests follow the backrest angle for continuous support
  • Comfortable upholstery prevents skin damage
  • Headrest ensures optimal support
  • Angle-adjustable push bar and tilting feature offers flexibility
  • Customizes according to the disease progression




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Breezy Cirrus 5G allow easy transfers?

Ans. Absolutely! By sliding the seat of Cirrus 5G backwards, the user gets positioned correctly in the wheelchair thus, reducing the need for heavy lifting and facilitating an easy transfer. 

Q. Is the Breezy Cirrus 5G comfortable enough for all day usage? 

Ans. Yes, the Breezy Cirrus G5 offers numerous adjustment options to ensure a stable and comfortable seat position. With easy recline and tilt features, users can effortlessly change positions throughout the day without needing any additional tools.

Q. Is the Breezy Cirrus 5G travel-friendly?

Ans. Certainly! The Breezy Cirrus 5G is totally your companion on the go. With removable arm rests and a crash tested trapeze, its double locking mechanism offers extra strength and safety in a car and everywhere else that you go.

Q. What is the warranty period of the Breezy Cirrus 5G?

Ans. The Breezy Cirrus G5 offers 1 year warranty on the wheelchair and 6 months on that of the battery.

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